Big Data Solutions for the Manufacturing Industry


What we provide are not only data application tools,

but also perfect data solutions made for you, helping enterprises accumulate data assets.


What we provide are not only data application tools,but also perfect data solutions made for you, helping enterprises accumulate data assets.

Big Data Solutions for the Manufacturing Industry

Industry Background:

With the implementation of the "Made in China 2025" national strategy, the application of big data has become the key to the improvement of productivity, competitiveness, and innovation in the manufacturing industry, and it is an essential foundation for driving the standardization and intelligence of manufacturing processes, products, models, management and services. This is reflected in all stages of the product life cycle. Data has become a strategic resource as important as natural resources and human resources. The effective organization and use of big data will significantly promote the digital transformation of enterprises.

How to realize the whole-process data management of the collection, sorting, storage, management, and analysis of various data of manufacturing enterprises, so as to build comprehensive business analysis themes for the enterprises - provide comprehensive support for business management, monitoring & early warning, and decision making is a big challenge faced by operators.

Customer Pain Points:

Chinese manufacturing companies are facing various challenges.

External:The current cost of raw materials, workforce, land, and other factors continues to remain high, as well as unprecedented environmental protection efforts, which have significantly reduced the profits of many companies. There is downward pressure on market demand, and industry competition has intensified, resulting in a significant increase in companies' pressure to survive.

Internal:Corporate data is difficult to integrate. System data is scattered and not shared, and data needs to be obtained separately from business systems, office systems, and management systems. Manual data is difficult to obtain in time, including document data such as production, human resource performance, training, Etc., which Excel manually fills in.

Industry pain points:

● Multiple business systems coexist and are independent of each other, making the phenomenon of "data islands" severe.

● There are multiple business reports, but the report data is not intuitive, and the problem is not apparent.

● For non-system reports, there is a situation of artificial data processing, which affects the data's authenticity.

The demands brought by the challenge: 1) Industrial upgrading (at the level of corporate strategy) - difficult to implement, relying more on opportunities. 2) "Strengthening internal skills"-always manage with a refined concept, continuously improve production efficiency, reduce costs, Improve product quality. Only by continuously tapping the internal potentials can we gain a competitive advantage.


The solution focuses on manufacturing enterprises' unique industry attributes and carries out detailed planning in terms of data collection, index construction, and data analysis applications. The solution eliminates corporate data islands and provides industry-based analysis applications to provide managers with a basis for decision-making. It makes the enterprise management mode from being dominated by human experience to dominated by data analysis results and realizes businesses' digital management and operation. 

The system architecture and business themes are as follows:


Figure: System Structure


Features of our solutions:

Management cockpits are used to monitor the production and operation process, the operation status of each department, the quality achievement situation, and the production capacity achievement situation. They enable managers to monitor the various operational indicators of the enterprises in real time and provide decision support for production planning and manufacturing arrangements.


Figure: Operation Management Cockpit

The performance appraisal analysis used in personnel appraisal management, enters the monthly performance filled by offline personnel into the system, automatically aggregates the entered performance appraisal scores and displays them visually, which facilitates horizontal monitoring of personnel in various departments of the enterprise and forms a healthy competition.



Figure: Performance Analysis Dashboard

The sales assistant provides related business inquiries and approvals for first-line sales, such as sales contract inquiries and sales collection inquiries. Instead of calling the headquarters for multiple times to communicate the required information, you can obtain the required information by one-way query on the mobile phone, which is faster and safer, greatly improving work efficiency and reducing costs.


Value of the Solution:

● Assist leaders in decision-making. Show the company's operating conditions more intuitively, help leaders find problems, meet leaders' requirements for data-assisted decision-making when carrying out data-based operations, and realize the transformation from traditional decision-making based on human experience to scientific decision-making based on the results of data analysis.

● Reduce communication costs. Data are open to business departments for self-checking, reducing the communication cost between business personnel and technical personnel, increasing the speed of data circulation, simplifying processes, and improving efficiency.

● Free up manpower. Free personnel from repeated data acquisition work, improve work efficiency, and invest manpower to a higher level of analysis.

● Ensure corporate data security. Perfect access control allows people at different levels to view different data, ensuring corporate data security.

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A smarter big data analysis tool, Quickly tap the value of enterprise data!
A smarter big data analysis tool, Quickly tap the value of enterprise data!
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